Change is here! We are now Fin (formerly Finclusion Group).

Fin Ventures

Fin Ventures are the company's minority participations in three areas:

B2C: Consumer-facing vertically focused companies supported by Fin's credit & financial services expertise.

B2B: Business-facing vertically-focused companies informed by Fin's own services needs.

Credit Institutions: Operators in the same space as Fin in which Fin holds participations with a potential to add them to the group in an expansion to new markets.


Happy Pay is Africa’s leading Buy Now Pay Later platform financially empowering consumers with a zero-interest financial solution and simple payments. Offering technology that makes BNPL appealing and safe, Happy Pay grows merchants’ customer bases through influencer social distribution and by providing quick approval for interest-free shopping. Happy Pay also offsets its transaction impact and encourages conscious consumerism through its reforesting initiative called Happy World.

Debt Helper

Debt Helper offers personalised Debt Management services. Their team of experts find the best solution for their clients to get ahead of their debt by assessing their financial situation, renegotiating credit agreements and investigating reckless lending. Debt Helper focus on technology to drive their processes and their systems integrate with South Africa’s major credit providers to ensure fast and efficient solutions. With a wide range of Debt Management solutions available, Debt Helper help people get back in control of their finances!

Fractal Labs

This artificial intelligence business uses data to unlock insights for strategic development within organisations. Fractal Labs converts data into measurable and scalable financial and risk tools to enable businesses to run faster and more efficiently while reducing operational costs and overcoming regulatory, financial and fraud challenges.


awamo offers awamo® 360, a mobile banking software tailored for microfinance institutions and SACCOs. awamo® 360 completely digitizes your business with maximum convenience and at minimal cost. You can use any Android® mobile phone or internet-connected PC.

GetBucks Eswatini

GetBucks is an Eswatini registered lender which offers short-term and long-term loans to parastatal and private employee

MTek Services

mTek-Services is a B2C digital online insurance platform that provides an entirely paperless ecosystem.

Fin Connect

Fin Connect services microfinance banks by enhancing their value proposition to customers by allowing for higher credit or better saving tools. The technology behind this offering is supported by Fin’s earlier acquisition of the microfinance technology services provider Awamo.

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